Book Review of The Relevant Church

I recently read The Relevant Church and wanted to share my thoughts on the book overall. Relevant Church is written by 15 different pastors that talk about their story of getting into ministry and how their church is impacting lives. The exciting thing about this book is that each of the 15 pastors had a completely different story and found a unique need to reach people and eventually started a church, or a gathering of individuals to worship Christ weekly. Some of the churches seem way out there, but that is great to know there are folks in this world willing to take a chance to reach folks that traditional churches would look at as different.

The book also does short interviews with individuals that talk about why they love their church and why they would have never gone to a church otherwise. The conversations are interesting, but saddening at the same time. As we look at most churches today, sadly, most are not very inviting to vistors, unless they fit into “their” mold. I love seeing in the past decade or so, more churches popping up each year that are reaching different people. The Relevant Church is the type of book that shows how churches & people can be doing the Great Commission.

I want to end with two quotes from the book that struck me and made me think about my ministry and if I am really doing God’s work to reach people. “In the end, the future of the church is much like hte past and present of the church — messy. Churches that embrace their traditions over their children will die slow and painful deaths.” (26) & “How do you go about changing the world? Jesus simply gathered a group of friends, shared His love for the Father, gave them a few radical dreams, and then said ‘Go and make a difference in my name.” (46)

Now, let’s go change the world.


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