Focus on God

After a fantastic 2009, I have decided that I want to kick off 2010 with focus on God. I want 2010 to be the most Christ focused year I have ever had. This is not a resolution, because 99.9% of resolutions never happen or dissolve halfway through January and February. This is a lifestyle decision.

2009 was one of the best years of my life. It was filled with highs, lows and lulls, but it was also filled with rewards and challenges. In 2009, I had my 1 year anniversary with Britt. The first year of marriage had everything I just described, but through it all, we had growth and I continue to love my wife more each day. We have seen each other at the best points and worst points in life, and I am very blessed and grateful to have a friend that is willing to stick it out with me through all the moments of life.

2009 was the year I decided that my calling in life was to serve God in ministry. This has been a great challenge as well. I went back and forth with this decision and ultimately, God always speaks to us in ways we can never explain and at times we never thought He would. When we try to avoid God, he tends to speak louder. I have a passion to serve in ministry and I know there is nothing else in life that will be satisfying more than fulfilling the Great Commission and sharing Christ’s love to people.

The last 3 months of 2009 were the most spiritually filling and focused that I have ever been in my life. I read more books in 3 months than I read in the previous 9 of this year. Probably in the previous 21… I put Christ at the center of my life and I have seen great changes in all areas. When Christ is at the center of our cores, life begins to get better in many ways. Not always easier, but better knowing we are loved. So I want to start 2010 off in a way that will continue to impact all areas of my life and focus on Him. Starting today, Monday, December 28th, I will begin my journey to read the Bible in 90 days.

I pray that God will speak to me in ways that I have never felt before. I pray that I will see God in ways that I never have before as well. Genesis to Revelations straight through in 90 days. God, open my heart to receive you fully. Open my eyes to see you clearly. Open my mouth to praise you wholly. I will write on this blog every day through this entire journey so that I will be accountable to myself to dissect my readings and see past the words on paper to all the ways that God is speaking to me. I also will post every day so that you can be praying for me. My prayer is that God will use me fully in 2010 as His servant. I am ready to be used in ways that I never thought would be possible. Wherever God is calling me, let me be there and willing to share Christ in whatever capacity is needed.

And finally, my prayer is that your 2010 is just as fulfilling. I pray that you are also filled with God’s glory and grace, and you intentionally fill your life passionately for Christ Jesus.


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