Dark and Light

Day 1 & 2; Genesis 1-28

Mornings always seem to be better after a full night of sleep. Quality sleep on a comfortable bed. The entire day always seems to be better when we are rested, restored and refreshed. In Genesis 1, the Bible is started with the creation story of how this whole universe originated. There are a few interesting instances in the creation story that describe exactly how faith in God should work.

First, in the creation story, each day ends with ‘and there was evening, and there was morning.’ Dark and light. Satan and God. We all have good and evil in us. God is in us, as well as Satan attempting to pull you his way as well. From the very beginning of the Bible, God gives us this story that says evening then morning. Before the first sin every happened in the Bible, I believe God is showing us that there is dark and light, and we are able to move from the darkness to light.

Second, in Genesis 1:17, God makes stars and places them in the darkness so one can see during dark times. Immediately, I began to think of what are the ‘stars’ in my life? During dark times, having a light makes it easier to see. A lamp, a flashlight, a fire, and most of all God or people in our lives that glorify God around us. When we surround ourselves with stars, it is easier to see in the dark and get to the light.

When we have a good nights rest, morning can be a good thing and it can be something to be excited about. However, when we don’t sleep well in the night, we are upset and do not look forward to the morning. Our lives are exactly like our sleep habits. When we don’t put stars in our lives to see in the darkness, Satan begins to infiltrate our being and when he does that, we start to sin more and more, and begin to get farther away from the light. We must be wise and put ourselves in the best possible situations to find God. In all darkness, there is light. Sometimes it is hard to see the light, but it is always there.

Through the guiding light of the stars around us, we are able to strategically move through dark and into light. Find your stars this week. If you don’t know who or what the stars in your life are, then reevaluate your day and start looking more towards the Light.


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