Day 3 & 4; Genesis 29-50

Have you ever been put into a situation that you thought was bad, but then good came from it? I have had plenty of these times in my life, and I’m sure you have as well. You thought that things couldn’t get better, but then God just blows the doors off with blessings. The story of Joseph, Jacob’s son, is a story that many people can relate to.

Joseph finds favor with his father, Jacob, and this upsets his other brothers. His brothers scheme together a plot to kill him, but they agree to just selling him into slavery to the Egyptians instead. Joseph goes through slavery, false accusations, and jail to end up finding favor with Pharaoh, and he ends up being 2nd in command of Egypt next to Pharaoh. Through all the bad situations in his life, he was being watched over by the Lord. Through everything in his life, God was with him and continued to bless him.

The most interesting thing about Joseph was that during all the instances in his life, he continued to have faith in God. Joseph was faithful and was a servant to God through everything. Joseph’s faith is something to strive for. How many of us can say that during the hard points in our lives, we turn to God first and have faith? I bet some of us turn to God as a last resort. We need to see God as an all the time thing. Good, bad, highs, lows. He will bless us. For Joseph, God was there and he blessed Joseph for having faith during all the times in his life and my prayer is that I can be that way as well.

After only the 4th day of reading, I am already blown away by how I have seen God through His writings and how much I have learned about myself in just 4 days. I look forward to what the other 65 books of the Bible will do to my heart!


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