Listen When Spoken To

Day 5: Exodus 1-15

It is easy to talk to someone and not retain what they have just told you. This is especially easy during teenage years. As we get older, we tend to listen more to what is being told to us, or go back to what was told to us earlier in our lives and take that advice at the present time. How about when God speaks to us? I feel that we are the same way with God as we are with other people. I believe fully that God speaks to us in many different ways. I also believe that we don’t always see clearly the ways that God talks to us. It’s easy to not see the times God is speaking to us, but it is always easy for us to ignore the times that God speaks to us.

In the book of Exodus, God speaks to Moses through the power of a burning bush. When Moses realizes it is God speaking to him, he hides his face because he was afraid to look at God. After God instructs Moses to go talk to Pharaoh, he first doubts his abilities by saying “who am I?” He doubts he is capable of doing God’s work, and God tells him that I am with you and I am the one that gave you your mouth. I am the one who gave you your sight and hearing as well. Moses then goes to speaks to Pharaoh day after day after day to only be shut down by him in Pharaoh’s faith in God. Moses believes in God and he continues to do as God has instructed him.

As I read this story, I feel very convicted for many different reasons. First, I am convicted for the reason that there are plenty of times that God has spoken to me, and because I doubt my abilities or because I wasn’t really listening, I miss what he has told me or ignored it all together. I don’t talk my friend’s advice, I don’t do what the book says, etc. We all have these times in our lives. We do listen to our own words, but we don’t have our ears opened up enough to completely hear God’s words. God knows what is best for us.

Second,  I am convicted as a ministry leader that sometimes I do not do something until is complete. In the example of Moses and Pharaoh, in ministry, I’ll talk to someone, get shut down and I move on. I pray for the individual’s heart to soften for the Lord, but I don’t continue to pursue them. My prayer for myself and all the other ministry leaders and pastors is we have Moses’ determination and faith in God. I hope that when we feel God in something we are supposed to do, we do it until it is complete to God’s standards, and not ours. Whether it’s showing Christ to an individual through a relationship, preaching a sermon, starting a movement in a church or planting a new church in an area, I pray that we all seek God and work hard for Him at all times. We don’t say, I can’t do this and doubt ourselves. We don’t quit on something before it is complete. I pray that we have Moses’ determination & faith to listen to all that God tells us through all the different ways He talks to us.


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