Great for 5 minutes…

Exodus 29-40

Have you ever bought something that you were really excited about for a while, but then after a couple days or a month you never touch it again? I don’t play or buy video games anymore, but I have  a pile of games that just sit and collect dust. It’s easy for us to get excited about something and then lose interest when something else comes around that is more entertaining to us.

In Exodus, Moses has talked with God and has told the Israelites exactly what God expects of them. The Israelites initially are excited and want to serve God. When Moses ascends Mount Sinai and while he is there talking with God for 40 days, the Israelites become restless and upset that Moses has led them out to the middle of the desert to die. So they decide to worship a golden calf idol. When Moses returns, he sees that they are worshipping this false idol and becomes very upset.

I feel like we are no different than the Israelites today. We can see the face of God, have this incredibly spiritual moment and feel Him closer than ever before, but then shortly after that moment, we settle back into our old lives. My prayer as a ministry leader is that I can lead by example and show God through all that I do. I hope that I can live the Ten Commandments and show it through everything I do. My hope is that we all can be passionately excited for Christ at all times, through the high points of life and especially through the difficult moments as well. God is with us the most, when we are with Him.


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