Silence in order to Listen

The title for this post says it all to describe my January. I hope that everyone had an amazing start to 2010 and are still going strong with their resolutions. January flew by faster than it arrived for me. Although fast, January was the greatest month in my entire life spiritually. Christ was the center of this month through fasting, reading and praying.

I have never had a month in my life where I was more focused on God and willing to just sit in silence and listen to what He was telling me. I participated in Awake21, which was a 21 day fast from 1/10 to 1/31. I would highly encourage everyone to participate in a beginning of the year fast to focus spiritually on Christ. I have seen myself grow more in the past 31 days than I have grow in the past 31 months.

Any time that we are able to silence our bodies and minds and listen to what Christ is saying is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move through us. I hope that this is the year that you passionately find God at the center of your life. This month has taught me through challenges in our lives, God wants to see whether or not we are willing and ready to passionately serve Him in His kingdom. I am excited and eager to see what the next 11 months will hold. Where we will grow. Where we will go. God is moving through us in ways that I would have never imagined possible and I’m ready to passionately serve Christ.

My prayer is that you find time this year to be silent. Be quiet and just listen. God will speak to you when you are really listening and ready to receive Him. Find time t embrace the opportunity of the Holy Spirit moving through you.


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