Recap of B90X

It is finished.

Wednesday was my final day of my 90 day Bible reading plan. The plan I used was called B90x as a fun play of words off the P90x intense workout plan. B90x was just as intense of a workout. The whole reason that I wanted to read through the Bible at the start of 2010 was that I knew that I wanted to start a year that was more Christ centered than any other year of my life. Reading straight through the Bible has made that possible.

Before the start of this year, I had never been consistent with my Bible reading. I had never sat down and had a plan. I might grab my Bible 3 or 4 days during the week and read a couple of chapters, but I never did it consistently and thoroughly enough. I learned more about myself, about God and about Christ in 90 days than I had in the previous 90 months.

Now sitting here feeling closer to God than I ever have in my life, I fight the frustrations of not doing this sooner. However, God knows us. He knows me. Everything about me. God knew that if this idea of reading the Bible in the past, in this manner, would have popped in my head a day, month or year earlier, it wouldn’t have been completed. God knows when we are ready for the challenges he places in our lives.

Let me tell you what I learned in 90 days of reading the Bible. Don’t miss this: Our God has given us all a second chance at life through His son Jesus Christ, and we are ALL to love the people around us with as much love as God has for us.

Simple huh? Then why don’t we all actually do it? 90 days ago, I knew this. I had heard this and talked about this. But I never really understood & lived it. My hope is that you fully understand God’s love for you. I hope that you understand fully the sacrifice of Jesus. And I hope that we all apply it to our lives now more than we ever have before.


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