66 Love Letters Review

I recently finished 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Crabb. After reading through the Bible in 90 days to start the year out, this was a great book to compliment that experience. 66 Love Letters is a fantastic devotional style book that is easy to guide through. Going through all 66 books of the Bible, Dr. Crabb looks at how the Bible is one giant love letter from Him to you.

The more that I read this book, the more I began to realize how much love God really has for us even during the times in our lives when we feel like He is so distant and that we are alone. The stories from Habakkuk & Job show this perfectly. Dr. Crabb does a wonderful of going through each book of God’s Word and showing exactly how much love God has for us through all moments in our lives.

Whether you are a devote follower of Christ, new believer, or a still searching for God’s love, this is a great read in all instances. If you have never read through the Bible, this is a great way to compliment a chronological Biblical reading plan to help one to really understand the love that God does have for us through His Word.



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