Wild At Heart Book Review

In the 10 year Anniversary edition of John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart, the updated book still has grabbed the heart of a man right at it’s core and opened it up for dissection thoroughly. Man was not meant to be put in a box. Like an animal in a cage, a man’s heart is the same in that it begins to calm through time to the point of boredom in the same, monotonous day after day life. Through biblical examples of how God has wired man to desire the unknown, and the wild, Eldredge shows that all men need to be able to roam and fulfill what God has put them on the earth to accomplish.

This is a great book for any man that seems to be stuck in a rut and just going through the motions of life. This is also a great book for women to know exactly why men are the way they are in their desire for the “wild”. Why do boys fight? Why do men have that passion in their hearts for the outdoors? Why did God make men in a way to continue to desire the unexpected? After 10 years and millions of copies sold, men are continuing to need this book to know exactly how to get that fire and passion back into their hearts.


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