The One Day a Year Most Churches “Go Outside”

Pentecost. The Bible describes Pentecost as an experience when the apostles went out into the community, telling people about Christ in their own languages, and converted many lives for Christ that day. Today, Pentecost has become a day that some churches celebrate by “going out” into the community. They send their congregation forth, they go out and do service projects, and they go tell people about their church or invite them to worship with them in unique ways.

Unfortunately, for most of these churches, Pentecost lasts for this one day/week and the next 51 weeks of the year, these churches stay within their walls and don’t interact with the people on the “outside”. It’s sad what some churches have made into Pentecost. It is not a one day event. Pentecost is the Gospel. It is Jesus. Many Gospel-Centered churches celebrate Pentecost every week. These churches are opening their doors to everyone in the community, and are going out into the world and telling people about Jesus through service, missions and evangelism.

Pentecost shouldn’t be a one day event that happens once a year. It isn’t a service on the lawn to attract the neighbors with catchy music. Pentecost is what God has instructed us as the body of Christ to do. We are to go out into the world and tell people about Jesus. We are supposed to enter the world and make disciples of the world. Pentecost is when the apostles went into the world and started living the Great Commission. 2000 years last, Pentecost is still what this day is to be a reminder of as we do it all year long. It is not supposed to be the one day a year that a church sends people into the world. It is the reminder of what Jesus wants us to do. We should be saving souls all year long in the world.


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