Change Your Church Book Review

In Change Your Church for Good, Brad Powell comes out swinging from the start on the issues of the church today. The local church is the hope of the world…if it’s working right. The problem is most local churches are NOT working, and are not willing to look within to admit it. They are old, they are out of date, they are not willing to connect with the culture and the people in the community and beyond all these issues, they are no longer doing Christ-centered, Bible based ministry.

Churches have become too focused on their programs or their styles or the book club that havs met for 27 years now. Most churches have become too focused on inside their walls and become to inward looking. What churches haven’t remembered is “the church isn’t a building, a program, a board, a committee, or any other such thing. The church is people, the family of God.” Throughout the entire book, Powell looks at what many churches have become and does a great job of showing that this is not what God intended for His church. Even if the church has become stale and inward, there is still hope for them of changing and becoming a powerful force for Christ’s kingdom. Brad Powell reminds readers that the church really is the hope for the world. Hopefully, it is just working right.


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