Everyone Communicates, Few Connect Review

Talking is something that we all do. Talking brings people together in small groups, large groups and even one on one. We spend hours each day talking to loved ones, co-workers and people around us, but in Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, John Maxwell raises the great question of how many of us in our conversations are actually connecting with our audience? We talk and talk and talk, and it’s easy to get caught up in our own words and not realize that what we are saying doesn’t really matter for the simple fact that we haven’t gotten past the surface of our listeners. Connecting with people is the only way that we will reach our full potential.

Whether in a business, ministry or personal sense, connecting with people is of the utmost importance. “Connecting is vital for any person who wants to achieve success. It is essential for anyone who wants to build great relationships. You will only be able to reach your potential–regardless of your profession or chosen path–when you learn to connect with other people.” The most important thing to take away from this book is that we need to earn the trust of our listeners for them to really care about what we are saying to them. We have to earn their trust and connect with them at their level, get to know them as people and show that we care about them before they will care about us.


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