Peace! Be Still!

Do you ever worry? What do you worry about? Growing up, I was always terribly worried when it would storm. Worried might be an understatement. I always had a terrible feeling in my gut and the minute the news would put on the Tornado Warning signal on the screen, I was in the basement. Thankfully I have grown out of this extreme period of worry for storms, but I still worry. Worrying is something happens first for most people before anything else. As I have grown stronger in my faith and leaned more on Christ, I have noticed that I don’t worry about things in my life as often.

Jesus gave us the example of how we should react to situations in our lives when when look to him. Jesus was once napping in a boat when a storm arose. His friends in the boat became alarmed and woke him immediately, as they feared the worst. In Mark 4:39 shows Jesus’ reaction: “And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Peace! Be still!’ And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” With Jesus in our lives, there is never any reason to worry. Jesus calms all the storms in our lives. No matter what we do in our lives, storms will consistently come up, but as the storms come up, it’s how we react. Do we worry? Do we run? Do we fight the storm ourselves? Or do we pray to God and lean whole-heartedly on Christ? It is important to remember that peace will not come from finding a lake with no storms. It comes from having Jesus in the boat.


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