Over the past weekend, I gathered with other men for something called Leadership Lab, which is a leadership group that gathers at a church in the area for men who are either current or future church leaders. I really love getting together with this group of passionate Christ-followers to grow closer to God with them through conversations and teaching.

Since our meeting, Colossians 1:28-29 has really been on my heart this past week. We spent our time this past weekend at LL talking about what is the mission of church. We came to the conclusion that the mission of the church was to make disciples. We talked through the Great Commission, but ultimately our discussion moved towards how do we make disciples. Churches must have the Gospel-centered goal of making disciples and helping people to mature in Christ. If churches aren’t doing this, then they aren’t listening to Christ’s instructions.

What all churches must to in order to make disciples is have a plan of actions. No plan, no action is normally what happens. The problem with many churches is that they say with their mouths that they are a Bible based church that makes disciples, but they don’t follow through with what they present in teaching, ministries and/or programs. I once heard Francis Chan say “we memorize what Jesus said, but we don’t do it.”

There are three things we must be doing in order to make disciples. There must be Instruction, Observation and Practice. First, we must instruct people by talking to people about Jesus and speaking Scripture. Next, we have to let people observe our lives. We must living a Christ-centered life ourselves, but we have to invite people into our lives so they can see contrition, repentance, humility in our lives. Lastly, we have to give people opportunities to practice. Give them opportunities to pray, fast, forgive… ALL the things Jesus commanded us! There is no special order of the three that must be done, but all are important. This is why I have been focused on Colossians 1:28-29 this week. God continues to call me to share his Word with people and I will passionately continue to do so as long as I have breath.


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