Church Planter Book Review

A few times a year I read a book that I can’t put down and then as soon as I finish it, I want to read it all over again. Darrin Patrick’s new book Church Planter was an incredibly challenging book that excited my heart to really want to know Christ more and for me to want to help other people to know Him more too. Patrick looks into three important areas of a pastor/planter that are the Man, the Message and the Mission. This book isn’t just for a potential church planter or current pastor, but for entire ministry teams, congregants and just about anyone that wants to know Christ on a deeper level.

Patrick addresses the issue in this country of Men. There is a Men problem that needs to be resolved. Men try hard to remain boys as long as they can. This problem has leaked into churches as well. Pastors/Elders first and foremost better feel confident and determined as Men in their home and their church. Knowing that God has called them and know where He is calling them is important, but they also must know the Message. They must believe wholly the message of Christ and be able to shepherd people to grow closer to Christ through their churches. And with all that if pastors/elders are not moving people towards the Mission that Christ has put before us, then we are missing the point completely.

I fully recommend this book to you. Even if you do not agree doctrinally or denominationally with everything Patrick says, look past that and see what he is saying through this important book. We are one ecumenical catholic church of Christ followers and we are on a mission for Him. I highlighted a huge portion of the book, but one of the lines that stuck out to me the most came right at the beginning. Patrick says “when the home and the church are rightly ordered — when husbands and elders accept that God’s beloved people have been placed under their care and that he holds them accountable for the spiritual health of his children — families and churches will begin to resemble the perfect community we see in the Trinity.” Go get this book today, and be open to how it may change your life, because it will.


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