Two Weeks of Seminary Intensives

I have been meaning to post while I was up at Bethel Seminary the past two weeks, but I never had a chance to do so. I spent the past two weeks in St. Paul, MN at Bethel Seminary for two weeks of intensives that are attached to my InMinistry distance program. Let me start off by saying that Intensives met, and exceeded, every one of my expectations. My cohort was incredible. We all bring different experiences to the table which creates great class discussions. The one thing that I did not expect to happen as fast as it did were the friendships. I am excited to call every one of the people in the cohort friends and I look forward to going on this journey with them.

I don’t like the phrase “drinking from a fire hose” but it is the only way to describe the past two weeks. I have been filled with some great knowledge, and I’m very excited to come home and unpack and process everything that has been taught to me, and apply it to papers, but I am more excited to immediately apply it all to my ministry. In 6 short weeks of seminary, I have been stretched in ways I wouldn’t have imagined, and I’m excited to continue to be twisted, and to see where I end up in the end. I am not in seminary to get the best grades. Although it is important for me to do the best I can, I am in seminary to grow in my ability to bloom as a ministry leader. I’m excited for this journey ahead.


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