Genesis 37 – What Can We Learn Part 3

Genesis 37 is applicable to the church today in that, through Joseph’s dreams, we are shown that God communicates with His people in many different ways, and if we are not attentive to Him, we may miss it entirely. We often do not think of all the ways that God communicates with people throughout each day. We need to be diligent listeners to what God may be telling us, in whatever form of communication He may speak to us through. Along the same lines, when God does communicate with us in whatever capacity, we need to not be afraid to share that with the people around us, whether it is family, friends or co-workers. In Genesis 37, we see that not everyone was happy to hear Joseph’s interpretations of his dreams, and in fact his brothers mocked him, plotted to kill him and eventually sold him for sharing his dreams. When we share our God-inspired thoughts today, not everyone will agree with what we feel we have been told by God, and some of the same emotions might be felt by people around us that were felt by Joseph’s brothers.

When we share our thoughts with others that we feel have been God-inspired, we will receive different responses from different people. However, we must be faithful to whatever we feel God is putting upon our hearts and minds, as Joseph was faithful to God throughout the rest of the narrative in Gen. 38-50. If we believe that God has truly communicated with us, we must faithfully share it with others, and not fear the reactions and repercussions of others around us. As people of God, and as the church, we must truly listen to what God communicates to us and be faithful to Him in whatever He is telling us, no matter how hard it may be or however odd it may seem to others around us. God watches over those who are faithful to Him, and we must be faithful to Him during all seasons of our lives.


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