Entrusted With The Gospel Review

In his newest book, D.A. Carson has compiled the messages from The Gospel Coalition conference into a book that walks expositionally through 2 Timothy. The authors of the messages that were put into this book were John Piper, Philip Ryken, Mark Drsicoll, K. Edward Copeland, Bryan Chapell and J. Ligon Duncan. This book does a wonderful job of looking at 2 Timothy and sharing exactly what Paul was writing to Timothy. Paul wants Timothy to be on fire for the Gospel and to be living it in every way in his life. Through Christ, we are strengthen and encouraged.

2 Timothy is a great reminder to all pastors that Christ is with them and we must be faithful to His calling. We must lead our ministries to be successful. As Philip Ryken said, “a successful ministry is simply this–a faithful ministry, faithful to Jesus Christ in life and doctrine, and faithful in safe-keeping and living out his idol-destroying gospel.” (p.28) Paul has laid out in his letter to Timothy has a pastor should lead his life and his church, and in Entrusted With The Gospel, the authors have shown just why this letter is important to everyone that reads it that calls Christ their King. Pick it up today: http://www.crossway.org/books/entrusted-with-the-gospel-tpb/


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