Slave – John MacArthur

In his newest book, Slave, John MacArthur takes a look at what he calls one of biggest cover ups in the Bible. MacArthur brings to light that authors and interpreters of different Bible translations have changed and left out a term that hits at the heart of what it means to follow Christ. The early church followers devoted their lives to the mission of Christ, and served under Him. They saw Christ as “the Master and Owner. We are His possession. He is our King, the Lord, and the Son of God. We are His subjects and His subordinates. In a word, we are His slaves.” When we think of the word slave now, the majority of Christ followers today would not consider themselves to be slaves to Christ.

This books is a great example of how followers of Christ should be living their lives: at the foot of the Cross. If we are not submitting to Christ, we are not truly following Him. This has become a big problem for many people that call themselves Christians, and it is mainly due to the churches that they attend and teaching them. “Instead of teaching the New Testament gospel–where sinners are called to submit to Christ–the contemporary message is exactly the opposite: Jesus is here to fulfill all your wishes.” Churches and true followers of Christ need to get away from this practice of teaching and return to the cross in submission. When we realize that we are slaves to Christ, we will begin to passionately understand the grace that God had for us when He sent Jesus to the cross in our place.


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