Dark & Light

Last night, I spent my night with 180 incredible high school students at our church’s Mosaic All Niter. Mosaic is our HS ministry that gathers each Wednesday to allow students to learn how to know and grow closer to Christ, and to help them reach their lost friends. The All Niter was one of our many outreach events, and it was a great night. One of our High School Pastors summed it up this way on his Twitter: “180 students. 30 volunteers. 10 tourneys. 3 redbull chugs. 1 message. 7 comedians. 5hrs of bowling/arcades/laser tag/convos. A great night!!” It was an incredible night, and I am excited to see what God continues to do in these students in the coming weeks.

Each time we gather, either at House Groups or our outreach events, the students have the opportunity to hear the Gospel shared. One of the HS Pastors shared last night, while with the lights out, that we want to spend our time in the dark. We try to rationalize that the dark is where we want to be, and that the things we do in the dark are satisfying, and make us happy. On the stage, there was a small section that had a spot light on it, and this image of light & dark was shared wonderfully. We all need to have light in our life. That light is Jesus. The problem is that we naturally move towards the dark areas in our lives. Nothing that we do that doesn’t glorify God is a sin. It is our natural tendency as humans to want to move towards darkness; move towards areas that we feel fill us up and make us happy, but in reality they leave us empty because they are not glorifying God. The truth is, the darkness may not feel like it leaves us empty here on earth, but either here on earth, or when we meet God after our deaths, the darkness will leave us empty and dead inside. As 180 students had the opportunity to really think about their lives and whether it centered on the Light or on the darkness, I hope that you take some time today to see where you are standing currently.


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