Don’t Call It a Comeback Review

Only a few times a year do I pick up a book that is so captivating that I read almost the book in one sitting. To start 2011, Don’t Call It a Comeback (Crossway, 2011), was that book for me. In this relevant, deeply convicting, and educational book, Kevin DeYoung has assembled a crew of some of the younger Christ centered, evangelical thinking men to write a book that had the two intentions. First, introduce Christians, especially newer Christians, to some of the most important articles of faith and to help them live out this faith out in real life. Second, to reassert the theological nature of evangelicalism. Both of these intentions are achieved in this book resoundingly. All the contributors do a wonderful job of showing the important truths and doctrines of Christianity while working within an evangelical theology.

The book tackles some of the primary doctrines of Christianity such as God, Scripture, the gospels, salvation, justification, sanctification, the Kingdom, and Jesus Christ. Also looked at in the book are some of the most prominent issues within the church and Christians such as social justice, homosexuality, abortion, the local church, worship, missions as well as others. The most important thing to consider in a book written on Christianity and it’s main doctrines and issues is whether or not the book is immersed in Scripture. The only opinion that matters is what the Bible says on these doctrines and issues. All of the contributors use a great deal of Biblical evidence in their writings, and it is not a matter of their opinion on the matter, but what does God say about it. I absolutely recommend this book to all Christians, newer or older to the faith, as it is a great lesson and/or reminder of what God says about the main doctrines of the church, as well as some of the hot button issues that are common to Christians today. You can buy the book here at Crossway.

Have you read the book? Give me your feedback below or any comments that you have about the review or the post.



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