Thoughts from school papers

I’m currently working through a paper on my Ministry Perspectives for a class for seminary. This assignment has been interesting, and thought provoking at the same time. I’m enjoying this assignment and wanted to share some of the questions that have been posed in the paper for me to answer and parts of my answers:

What are the roles of clergy and lay leaders in the church?

I think that the terms clergy and laity get used in wrong manners in most churches today. All people of God are clergy and laity, and have been ordained by God to minister to the world. Now, I do believe that just like the apostles, there are to be church leaders who guide theirs churches in the best manner to reach people. Church leaders are to shepherd their flock and train them to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ, as well as be missionaries to the world. When churches use today’s model of clergy and laity, it takes the majority of people out of the game. All Christ followers are missionaries and ordained to serve in God’s kingdom. Church leaders should be preaching and teaching this model to help people to understand that their role as a Christian is not to sit and enjoy, but a role of go and do for God.

Describe your current church home.  Why did you choose it?

Our church is a non-denominational church that has structured it’s doctrines on what Scripture teaches, and our ministries focus on what the Bible teaches and not the opinions of our staff/elders.  I chose our church for the reason that I don’t believe in just one denominational/theologian belief system, but derive my doctrinal beliefs from Scripture alone. I am not against denominational ministries in the least bit, and believe that most of the denominations are structured around sound theologians of past and at one time were developed out of what Scripture taught. I think many theologians of the past had good and bad beliefs, and I don’t agree with one over another enough to agree to just one’s view that developed into a denomination.

What is necessary for eternal salvation?

In order for someone to be saved, God must open their heart to His understanding. When God opens their heart and mind to receive His grace, only then can someone truly be devoted to Him and live their life for His glory. We are unable to choose God due to our sinful heart, but God is the one who reaches us through the Holy Spirit as well as through His followers that reach out to others. We must repent of our sin-filled life, and turn our lives to Him. As we are justified, we must live a life that shows our sanctification.

What is the fate of those outside eternal salvation?

Romans 3:23 is clear in saying, “the wages of sin is death.” Our sin separates us from God, and outside of salvation through Christ alone, there is no saving. Those who do not know God and that God does not know are eternally separated from Him in Hell.

I’d love to get your feedback from these questions. What do you think about these questions and what does the Bible say about them?




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