I’m willing to claim that Redemption by Mike Wilkerson will be the best book published in 2011. Still early, but if I find a better book, it will be a GREAT year! Wilkerson walks through the story of Israelites coming out of Egypt to show how as humans, we fall short of honoring God and all need to be redeemed. We are made is God’s image, and because of this, we worship what we live for, whatever is most worthy of our attention and devotion. What this also means is that we will fall short of God. We are human. We will sin. We will consume our time with other things that do not honor God, and those things become our gods. We all have golden calves in our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Redemption looks at the story of Israelites and shows how time after time, the Israelites did not honor and trust in God. They denied Him. They turned from Him. They complained to Him that He was not helping them at all. We are not different today than the Israelites in many ways. Wilkerson goes on to show that even though we all fall short of the glory of God, redemption comes to us through the power of Christ. Christ redeemed us through His sacrifice on the cross so that we can turn away from all the gods in our lives that are not God. The only way to break away from the pattern of sin in our lives is our covenant to God through Christ Jesus. I have recommended this book to many people since reading, and I will be giving it as a gift this year to many people as well. I would highly recommend this book that is Scripture heavy and written in a practical way that is understandable and applicable to everyone’s lives. Check the book out here:


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