Acts – St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary

Commentaries never get old to me. I’m a nerd, and absolutely love diving into the deep thoughts of a theologian that helps me to more fully understand Scripture. In RC Sproul’s St. Andrew’s Expositional Commentary on Acts, the works that became this book was a preaching series that Sproul’s church did that went verse-by-verse through the book of Acts. One of the difficult and intimidating things about commentaries is that after you read a section, you will sit scratching your head in confusion. (Being honest and vulnerable here…but I’m not the only one!)

In Sproul’s new commentary on Acts, he walks through his preaching series in a readable, and easy to understand fashion. Like any good commentary, Sproul breaks down each verse and section of Acts to help the reader to further understand the context and author’s intention in the writing. Sproul does a wonderful job of teaching his understanding of each passage by remaining Bible-centered, and drawing the reader to understand the meaning of Acts deeply and to encounter the Word of God in a joy filled manner. I would highly recommend this commentary to any Christ follower that wants to grow deeper in their understanding of a specific book of the Bible, and wants to engage an understandable commentary for the Christian reader of any level or age.

For more information about the book check out:


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