Rediscovering the Church Fathers

I don’t shy away from the fact that I am a nerd. I’ve come to terms with it! Michael A.G. Haykin in his new book Rediscovering the Church Fathers helped to quench my inner nerd cravings. I’ve learned so much about how to walk with Jesus and how to be a better leader because of the examples from early church leaders. “The truth of the matter is that far too many modern-day evangelicals are either ignorant of or quite uncomfortable with the church fathers” (13). I absolutely agree with this statement, but I don’t know why it is. In this book, six church fathers that were very inspiration to furthering the Christian movement in their time are examined to see how they were influential to the people around them then, and how they continue to be influential today.

In these case studies, Haykin looks at “the issues that [the early church fathers] wrestled with in their lives as believers, for these issues are central to the Patristic era: martyrdom, monasticism, and discipleship; witness to an unbelieving world and mission; the canon and interpretation of Scripture; and the supreme issue of this era, the doctrine of the Trinity and worship” (29). Much can be learned from these church fathers as in many cases, these are some of the same issues that churches are struggling with still today.

Find more details about the book here:


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