Thoughts from First Day of Intensives

I’m up at Bethel Seminary for two weeks of Intensives as a part of my InMinistry Distance program. Each week, we focus on one of our two classes with the other shutting down for the week. This week I’m focusing on The Gospels. Here are two thoughts from my professor today that stuck in my mind all day and into the evening.

“If you go through seminary and don’t come out more Christ-like in the end, you’ve wasted your time.”

“What you do with the Bible publicly is what people will probably do with the Bible privately.”

Both of these statements stayed with me all day. In 7 months of seminary thus far, I have felt and seen my walk with Christ strengthen and my life grown around Him more. My time in Scripture has grown, my prayer life has been stronger, and my conversations with believers and unbelievers have grown significantly as well.

The second comment stuck with me as I realized how my church leads by example each week: a pastor teaches from Scripture each week, reads through it throughout their sermon, and encourages and tells the audience to bring, open and read along in their own Bibles. This helps people to have the confidence in their own ability to read their Bible on their own, and gives them the knowledge of how to open it up and how to read it at home too. These were just two comments that my professor made that didn’t have too much to directly do with our topics today, but these were still comments that stuck with me and I wanted to share them.

Do you agree with the first statement? And how does your church lead publicly in order to influence privately?


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