1 Year Experiment – Update

This is long overdue. I said that I was going to find a rhythm and blog weekly about 1YE, but I have been awful about this right out the gate. I’m ready to change this and really get on a pattern with my blog. From here on out, here are my goals for my blog within the next year during 1YE:

  • Mondays – General thoughts on Christianity, theology, etc. Just things that are on my mind about a certain topic.
  • Wednesday – Weekly 1 Year Experiment Update – What I’ve been doing, what I’ve learned, what I’ve read/reading
  • Fridays – Financial Fridays – I’ve thought about this for a while, but I’d love to turn Fridays into helping people with Bible-based financial thoughts.
  • Any Days – Book reviews – I review books a couple times a month, so I will post these when I get them done.

Here is what I’ve learned & have been doing in the first 6 weeks of 1 Year Experiment:

  • Read Slaughterhouse 5 and Bonhoeffer : pastor, martyr, prophet, spy; Started reading 1984.
  • I’ve gotten into a habit of listening to Grammar Girl and The Economist Podcasts while getting ready in the morning.
  • I haven’t gotten into a rhythm yet in a foreign language podcast, but I have listened off and on to an Elementary Greek podcast.
  • Working out has been difficult the past few weeks. Between full time work and full time school, working out and this experiment overall has become difficult, however, I’m not going to make excuses. I need to find a time each day or every other day to start and stick to it. Before work will not work as I like to sleep too much. I will start working out after work for at least 30 minutes to begin. I’d like to run a 5K by the end of the summer. Maybe I’ll register for one…
  • My homepage is now Random Wikipedia. It is awesome! I feel like I’m ready for the ultimate game of Trivial Pursuit now! I would highly recommend that everyone changes their homepage to Random Wikipedia sites. It’s fun what comes up!

For the next two weeks, I am on a break from seminary and will begin again June 20th. I need to crank out 3 books in the next 10 days. 1984, Bird-by-Bird, and the Life of Pi will be read. I will also read Chapters 1 & 2 of Grudem’s Systematic Theology. I would like to be done with Systematic Theology by year end.

Continue onward!


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