To Not Reach the Lost is to Directly Disobey Jesus

Recently, I read on Twitter of someone who was at a denomination’s annual conference while he was listening to a bishop speak: “Are you committed to going after the lost?” // After noting 596 churches had no salvations last year. After reading this comment, I stopped for a moment to process the question within myself. I kept thinking, “How do you call yourself a church when you are not saving people and reaching the lost?” I kept thinking of this often throughout the week as my church had just had an incredible baptism weekend where 60+ people were baptized, and our other two campuses had their baptism services this past weekend with even more people. I love baptism weekend as I love hearing the stories of renewal and redemption through Jesus Christ. I absolutely love seeing people grow closer to Christ in their devotion to Him!

Now, I was shocked and at the same time not to hear from a bishop of a denomination that 596 churches, I would guess in his own conference alone, noted no salvations last year. This breaks my heart to know that their are groups of people that call themselves “churches” that have no desire of glorifying God and obeying His instruction. To not reach the lost is to directly disobey Jesus. I’m very blessed to serve in a church that is passionate about helping people to know Jesus Christ, and truly wants to reach the lost and help them to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

It’s coincidental that as this bishop talks about the lack of salvations in his denominational conference, and if the pastors/leaders were committed to going after the lost fell on the same week as Pentecost weekend. Pentecost is generally the one day a year that many of these churches will look outwardly, and often their ideas focus on their church members within their church community, e.g. having a bbq or worship service in the church parking lot. My hope is that these groups of people repent of their continued disobedience towards God’s instruction, and turn their hearts toward reaching the lost instead of just being social clubs.


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