Radical Together

In David Platt’s follow-up to his book, Radical, Platt has continued along this theme of moving people outward in Radical Together where the emphasis now is not just on individuals to reach people outwardly, but for entire groups of people of God to be sent to fulfill the purpose of God. Platt addresses the issues that plague many churches, big or small, when it comes to looking inwardly to maintain traditions that are “good”. Good things are not necessarily bad, but when they are a hindrance or barrier of great things happen for God, then they need to be addressed and/or removed. Platt says, “if we are not careful, we will spend our lives doing good things in the church while we ultimately miss out on the great purpose for which we were created” (8). Good things are not inherently bad, however, they are not necessarily great in reaching people for God.

Churches have the resources, whether it is 10 people or 10,000 people, every church has the capability to be looking outward to reach people for Christ. If they are not, then they are purposefully disobeying Jesus’ commands. “If eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee were enough to launch the gospel to the ends of the earth, then a church with a handful of members can spread the gospel in and beyond a community, regardless of the amount of material resources it has” (75). There is absolutely no reason a church should not be training and equipping others to go outward and reach the nations near and far. There is no reason to form a committee or a task force to discuss and research the best methods, there is no reason to spend a large amount of time studying and perfecting a plan of action to reach people, there is no reason to call yourself a follower of Christ if you have no desire to lovingly serve and reach others in the name of Jesus Christ.  Go and do, and continue to be faithful in your devotion to Him, and He will provide. There is no magic secret. Just go with a voice and a Bible. Jesus never said the journey would be easy.


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