The Next Generation of Leaders

I have had a tugging on the past few weeks in a really heavy way for reaching out and helping young men to know Jesus. I have seen of the statistics from organizations like Lifeway Research and Barna Group that share how people in the 18-35 year old age group are walking away from the church in hoards for many different reasons. All the reasons aside, my mind has been focused the past few weeks on the lack of young men in the church. I have started to realize that men, especially young men, are desiring to stay boys. Instead of desiring to grow up and become mature men this generation of men has a desire to stay up late watching movies or playing video games; stay out with the guys; and has a desire to individuals that rely on little to no one else. I am making a large generalization here as I know there are plenty of mature men that do not fall into one of these areas, but I also know plenty of Godly and ungodly men that would fall into these areas. This worries me.

As men are doing everything they can to remain boys they are running away from who God has created them to be in becoming mature leaders either in their homes, in their jobs, in their marriages and most of all in their churches and communities. The combination of men that are walking away from the church and that are remaining boys scares me for this next generation. These men are the next generation of leaders in all the above listed areas, and if these men are not stepping up to be who God has created them to be, then homes, communities and churches are going to suffer. I have no clue what my impact will be on this generation of men, but God has put these feelings on my heart to find a way to reach out to these men, and to help them to know and grow closer to Christ in order to become the mature leaders that God has created them to be. God has put this on my heart for a reason, and I know that He will show me exactly why.

Please pray for this generation as my hope is that young men will grow to be the men that God has created them to be, and they release their desire to remain boys.


One thought on “The Next Generation of Leaders

  1. It could be that they’re just delaying, but that they end up coming back when they get married and have kids.
    It used to be that you’d graduate high school, either go right into a trade and get married soon after, or go to college or military, and married soon after. Now: people are dating longer/more, and waiting until 30 sometimes. Getting married and having kids take their toll on a career and income, and deferring that helps.
    So: we lose out on that energy that we used to get of the 20-25 yo men in church, but get them when they’re 25-30; they’ve got more money and experience, but less time. I’m surrounded by these same 22-28 yo gamers at work- they slow down when they get a girlfriend, slow down more when they get married, and almost stop when they have kids.
    How do we get them to appear? Gotta think on that one.

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