Note to Self

Preaching to yourself has been a popular topic in recent years. Even though this has been a popular topic, there has been very little that has been written about how to actually preach to yourself. In Joe Thorn’s first book, Note to Self, he explores just what the discipline of preaching to yourself looks like. In this short, but extremely powerful book, Thorn writes in a devotional-like manner in which the book is divided into three parts: The Gospel and God, The Gospel and Others and The Gospel and You. Each chapter of this book is more applicable than the last, and makes preaching to yourself accessible in all three areas of one’s life described above.

The topic of preaching to yourself is important as, “to preach to yourself is to challenge yourself, push yourself, and point yourself to the truth” (32). As we preach to ourselves, we must lean hard on Jesus to guide us and we must realize how big and great Jesus truly is. When we preach to ourselves, we must humble ourselves before God each and every moment of our lives. Most of all, in order to grow in our devotion to God, we must constantly and continuously preach to ourselves to remove the sin from our lives. Since finishing Note to Self, I have seeked out new ways to preach to myself. I have bought a few copies of this book for friends, and I will continue to give it away as it is an important book. If you are serious about preaching to yourself, pick this book up today:


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