“Faith equals God-ordained risks in the face of fear. Obedience equals God-honoring decisions in the face of temptation. And compassion equals Spirit-prompted generosity in the face of greed” (32). When was the last time you took a God-ordained risk? I ask this more as a convicting question for you as well as myself as I sit here at my comfortable desk typing, and can’t think of a time recently when I truly stepped out in faith and took a God-ordained risk. In Primal, Mark Batterson pushes this very question while looking at our Christian ancestors who lived out their faith by worshiping God in catacombs below Rome, risking their lives each time they descended the stairs downward into the catacombs. Batterson breaks the book up into four sections that walk through what it means to live a life committed to living out the Great Commandment daily. The problem is as Christians, we have become comfortable. We have become complacent. This is not ok.

One of the main reasons for this comfortable living is due to a lack of vision. We have not set a goal or cast a compelling vision to ourselves and in many of our churches that moves people to obediently and passionately live for Christ each day. This lack of vision is killing us. Without vision, we fall into patterns of sin. “Vision is the cure for sin. A God-given vision keeps us from decay and disorder. It energizes everything we do. And turning that vision into reality is one way we love God with all our strength” (148). I would encourage you to check out Primal if you need a kick in the pants to step out in your faith and start taking some God-ordained risks.


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