King Solomon Review

In King Solomon, Philip Ryken details the experiences of King Solomon, showing his successes as well as his many faults. Even while possessing incredible wisdom, Solomon fell very short of being a triumphant king by falling into many temptations. Throughout this study, Ryken points to the only true King that is worth praising in King Jesus.

Solomon had it all. Or so he thought. God granted his great wisdom, that he used for Israel, but he also used for himself many times too. Ultimately what failed Solomon was his own selfishness. Ryken says, “Understand that when we insist on getting our own satisfaction–however we get it–we are saying no to the kingdom of God. We are saying that mercy of Jesus is not enough for us; we still want to be the king” (32). This is a beautiful summation of the life of Solomon and of ours. Solomon wanted royalty and praise, and he wanted nothing more than to satisfy himself many times throughout his life.

There is much to learn from the faults of Solomon’s life, but there is also much to learn from his successes. “Solomon’s wise request, ‘Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?’ (1 Kings 3:9), was firmly based on a proper knowledge of the greatness of God. His prayer shows us how we should always start to pray about anything: by acknowledging that God is God, that he is our God, that he is at work in our lives, and that he has kept his promises of salvation” (51). There is much to learn from Solomon’s life that is still very relevant and applicable to our lives each day today. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Christian’s today do not spend enough time in the Old Testament to learn from the wonderful and grace-filled narratives throughout it. Pick up this book today to dive into the lesson filled life of Solomon. Get it here: King Solomon


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