Jesus + Nothing = Everything – Review

In Jesus + Nothing = Everything, Pastor Tullian Tchividjian dissects a formula that is the most powerful formula out there, and is the most difficult for humans to understand. While walking through the book of Colossians as the ground layer of the book, Tullian shows how we often try to fill our lives with many substitutes that are not Jesus, when in reality Jesus is the only thing that we need. Many people and entire churches live out a Christianity and… lifestyle. We try to fill our lives with idolatrous things that can never replace Christ. Along with idolatry, many people focus on legalism, or as Tullian calls it “performancism.” “Our performancism leads to pride when we succeed and to despair when we fail. But ultimately it leads to slavery either way, because it becomes all about us and what we must do to establish our own identity instead of resting in Jesus and what he accomplished to establish it for us. In all its forms, this wrong focus is anti-gospel and therefore enslaving” (46).

Christ is everything for Christians. He is sufficient enough alone, and Tullian hits this hard in this book. It is important for Christians to understand that, “the only thing you contribute to your salvation and to your sanctification is the sin that makes them necessary” (103). I would encourage everyone to read this book as it takes a challenging look at an equation that many self-professing Christians do not fully understand. one quote that I kept coming back to as I read is as follows:

Every temptation to sin is, in the moment, a temptation to disbelieve the gospel – the temptation to secure for ourselves in that moment something we think we need in order to be happy, something we don’t yet have: meaning, freedom, validation, and so on. Bad behavior happens when we fail to believe that everything we need, in Christ we already have; it happens when we fail to believe in the rich provisional resources that are already ours in the Gospel. (171)

Buy Jesus + Nothing = Everything today and be challenged greatly.


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