New Car Smell

New cars are nice. Not so much the car itself but that beautiful new car smell that comes with dealership cars. I’ve purchased only one “new” car from a dealership, but the new car smell stayed with it for a few months and I loved every minute of it. The new car smell continued to get me excited about my new purchase for at least the first month or so. Then the smell began to fade, and so did my outward excitement about the car. It’s not that I didn’t like the car anymore, but it just wasn’t as fresh and exciting any longer. Once the car was only a few weeks old, my care and attention for it began to slowly fade. I began to eat in the car, began using the backseat like my own trash can and doing all the many things that most people do once the new car smell has worn off. When it comes to a new car smell attitude, I believe most Americans have one in regards to almost every area of their life. When it comes to our attention on society around us, we definitely have a new car smell.

Often times, this gets labeled as someone or something’s “15 Minutes”. We seemingly have an attention span for only a “15 Minute” time span for almost everything that occurs around us to the point that we even see this in our attention and focus on national or worldly tragedies. In recent years, we’ve seen terrible earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and in Japan in 2011. Within the US, there has been tornadoes that have demolished entire towns. These are just a few natural disasters that have caught our attention to quickly be forgot by almost everyone after the “15 Minutes” were over. Media has much to blame for this since as they move on first and then we follow after them often. We chase after the new car smell around us in everything.

Sadly, this new car smell attitude is found in the church as well. Whether it’s after a national/worldly disaster or just a sermon series / church campaign, churches rally around an effort, but months or even weeks later, it has been forgotten. When it comes to new car smell attitudes, church leaders must work hard in all areas to push against this current. A church must continue to pray and love over those that are lost and hurting (near or far) and must help their people to continue to grow in their understanding of God and apply what they have learned through preaching and worship into their daily lives. Churches must seek after a new car smell as just like the media, their people will follow their lead.


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