The Explicit Gospel – Review

In this much anticipated first book of Matt Chandler, The Explicit Gospel reads and hits you just as hard as a actual Chandler sermon does. In The Explicit Gospel, Chandler looks at the Gospel on the Ground and the Gospel in the Air when considering the thought that most twentysomethings and thirtysomethings today were never actually taught the gospel, but just merely assumed and far from explicit. Most churches today whether through preaching or Sunday school teaching have removed Jesus from the equation, robbing God of his glory and Christ of his sufficiency” (15). Chandler considers the Gospel on the Ground, looking at the gospel on a micro level, discussing the power of grace for human transformation considering God, Man, Christ and Response while the Gospel in the Air is more of a macro level view looking at a grand display of God’s glory in his overarching purposes through creation, fall, reconciliation and consummation.

Chandler finishes the book discussing the dangers within the Gospel in the Air and on the Ground, but finishes the book looking at the biggest program and issue against the Gospel today in our society in moralism and the cross. Chandler says, “If we don’t make sure the gospel is explicit, if we don’t put up the cross and the perfect life of Jesus Christ as our hope, then people can get confused and say, ‘Yes, I believe in Jesus. I want to be saved. I want to be justified by God,’ but then begin attempting to earn his salvation” (209). What Chandler pulls out throughout the entirety of this book is that Christians and churches must return to the Word and return to the foot of the cross in order to see our sufficiency in Christ alone, and to see the grace and mercy that is found in devotion to Him and not earned through works and deeds for Him. My hope is this is the first of many books that Matt writes as his preaching is hard hitting and gospel-centered all the way through. Check this book out today:


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