Needing A Supportive Voice

In early March, I asked a friend who coached cross country if I began training at that point, what the likelihood of me being able to do a half-marathon in Sept/Oct? He was positive that it was manageable. The next day, I found a half-marathon, set a schedule and started working towards my goal. As I continued to train in June, I began to have a desire to have another goal to run towards. I wanted my time training and running this race to be meaningful. I’m excited to announce that I will be partnering with Team Orphans for my run in the Quad Cities Half-Marathon in September. Team Orphans endeavors to help abandoned children by competing in their honor. 100% of Team Orphans donations goes towards Brittany’s Hope Foundation to help provide adoption grants for families bringing special needs children home.

The latest stats show that there are more than an estimated 163 million children in institutions and orphanages around the world, typically in countries that are stricken with poverty, social restrictions and wars. Once a child is labeled, regardless of the reasons why, it becomes much harder for agencies to find families who are interested in choosing a child with “special needs” over a “healthy child.” Brittany’s Hope Foundation was created with the hope of building a bridge to unite special waiting children and families who wish to adopt a child but are burdened by the substantial cost associated with adopting a child internationally.

I’m excited to partner with Team Orphans to support Brittany’s Hope Foundation by raising money through running the Quad Cities Half-Marathon. I wanted to have a goal to help others through my race, and I feel this is an incredible opportunity to do so. This race is a way for me to run with a purpose through supporting those that desperately need a supportive voice. Two ways that you can help me: Pray for me and for this organization. Another is by partnering with me and Team Orphans to raise support for Brittany’s Hope. My fundraising goal is $500. Let us together raise a supportive voice for those that need it! Visit for more information.


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