Inerrancy and Worldview Review

I’m becoming more and more of a nerd each day. During my break from school, I chose to read a book about inerrancy that looks at the different worldviews and perspectives that people look through when viewing Scripture. Vern Sheridan Poythress has done a spectacular job of looking at the many challenges of today towards the Bible in Inerrancy and Worldview. Poythress answers these modern challenges in a way that not many other books have addressed of this much written about topic in recent history. In nine sections, Poythress considers inerrancy and the challenges from science, history, language, sociology, anthropology, psychology and ends with the attitudes that the church faces today. While using Scripture as the foundation for his arguments, Poythress defends Scripture against all of these areas and shows the importance and trustworthiness of the inerrancy of Scripture. I appreciate Poythress worldview perspective in approaching inerrancy and the reliability of Scripture. Check out this book:


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