The Hole in Our Holiness Review

Kevin DeYoung jumps into The Hole in Our Holiness much like he does in his other writings with getting right after it, and in regards to this book, he is claiming that Christians today generally do not have much care or regard for holiness and the pursuit of it in our lives. He says, “The hole in our holiness is that we don’t really care much about it. Passionate exhortation to pursue gospel-driven holiness is barely heard in most of our churches” (10). DeYoung pushes that Christians today have lost their desire to be holy and showing what sets them apart as Christians. We are fearful and even lazy when it comes to pursuing God as it is easier to fall in line with all the others. DeYoung says a great line that packs a heavy punch about the Puritan’s pursuit of God that, “[Holiness] was about Christians becoming visible saints. That’s why they defined theology as ‘the doctrine of living to God’ (William Ames) or ‘the science of living blessedly forever’ (William Perkins). Their passion and prayer was for holiness. Can we honestly say our lives and our churches are marked by the same pursuit?” (13). Wow. Let me give you a minute to check your breath.

DeYoung brings much conviction in this little book that truly will leave you desiring God more and looking to how your church can pursue holiness in all areas more and more. We must become a generation much like the Puritans again in how we pursue and come before our great and merciful God. I’m appreciative of Kevin for writing this heavy hitting book, and my prayer is that individuals and whole churches take this journey seriously. We must pursue holiness and must place God back where He belongs in our lives. We must remove the cheap imitations that are being presented as the gospel and should be fearful of the world around us and what it preaches to be truth. Do yourself a favor to your pursuit and to your churches pursuit and read this book. Check it out here.


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