Dangerous Calling Review

I don’t like to ever start out a review with a plug, nor do I like writers who do this as well, but Paul David Tripp has written a gem that all pastors and ministry leaders must read. Never have I read a book that I felt was looking directly at my life under a microscope as Dangerous Calling. In this must read, Tripp walks through story after story that bleeds authenticity and vulnerability about the danger that is leading a church and ministry, and the pride that can creep in to a person quickly and slowly. Tripp addresses the current culture of pastoral leadership showing that pastors often can forget that they are human, and their congregations can forget this as well to the danger of pastor, their family and the entirety of their church.

Church and ministry leaders have become consumed with their ministry defining who they are, have become puffed up and consumed with knowledge, and have become consumed with success and time and time again are failing to live up to their own measurements and are killing their families and churches. Tripp addresses church leaders directly saying they must be caring for themselves spiritually and have people in their lives that are holding them accountable. If we are not opening up to others then we are running the danger that we are slowly killing ourselves, our families and those we lead. A pastor who knows Christ with their head but not with their heart is hurting everyone they come in contact. I appreciate Tripp’s honest discussion and writing. This book spoke directly to me in many ways. I would recommend this to all leaders and for entire teams to read and discuss this book together. Check it out here.


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