Mingling Creates Unity

How often in your organization do either you as the leader go out and meet & mingle with the people you lead, or as an employee/teammate have the opportunity to meet and mingle with those above you? In my interaction with friends in many different fields of work, I’ve notice that some leaders are really good about creating a natural culture in their organization or with those they lead, but more often than not many organizations do not have a good culture. Their culture seems forced. I think this begins with the leader and their willingness to be amongst the people.

A leader creates the culture they want in an organization, and if they don’t work to create a culture or care about it, then that will show in the organization’s culture. Culture is a huge reason why people stay in an organization and why they go. A good culture creates unity amongst people as well. This begins with the boss/leader. One leader that led by the example he wanted to be carried on around him was Winston Churchill. Churchill was famous for going to the front lines to be with troops during WWII to show his support and to be with them. Churchill maintained unity with his people by meeting and mingling with them. How are you doing in this at all levels of your organization?

Leaders must be intention about creating a culture in their organization and with their team. This starts with just being seen and meeting & mingling with them in a natural way. I have seen leaders do this well, and their teams share a common bond and unity with one another. It is natural. The only thing worse than having no sense of culture is having a force culture. There is nothing worse than a culture that is forced. As a leader I challenge you to look at how you are leading those around you. How are you doing in creating an intention culture and in mingling with those you lead? Get out of your office and go mingle with your team. Go have lunch with them. Go be seen. It will show them that you care and you will learn about them and their lives.


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