Setting Our Affections Upon Glory Review

One of the premiere preachers of the 20th Century, Martyn Lloyd-Jones is brought back afresh in Setting Our Affections Upon Glory which is a publishing of nine of his sermons focused around the gospel and the church. If you have never heard or read a Lloyd-Jones sermon, then this is a perfect starter for you. Crossway Publishing has beautifully brought these sermons into print in order for the edification of the church and Christians. Focused around Scripture, Martyn Lloyd-Jones stays focused on the Word while preaching on important topics of the gospel, the church and soteriology.

Here are two of the best lines in this book from his sermons:

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.” Do we react like that as we look at the worst, as we look at life at its darkest and its starkest? (16)

The church allows the world and the pew, perhaps, to determine what is to be the truth. (…) There is only one thing to do as we face this issue, and that is to go back to the New Testament itself. It is here and here alone that we discover what the Christian church really is. (50)


I would highly recommend you buy a copy of Setting Our Affections Upon Glory and allow it to penetrate your heart with the Truth of God’s Word.


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