Taking God Seriously – Review

The Christian diet is becoming increasingly lighter and lighter it seems. Many people that profess faith in Jesus have gotten to the point that the Christian diet they are living on is very light and not nourishing. In fact, many Christians that have been in the faith for years are still chewing on baby food in many ways instead of the meat of the gospel and doctrines found in Scripture. In Taking God Seriously, J.I. Packer addresses this directly saying that Christians are not taking God seriously today, and need to return to many orthodox practices to engage and understand God more fully.

Packer calls Christians in this book to return to a practice of catechesis. Packer identifies eight areas where Christians must grow to know God more and take Him more seriously in. Packer focuses on taking our faith serious as well as doctrine, Christian unity, repentance, the church, Holy Spirit, baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Through our understanding of these areas we will grow more in our understanding of truth (orthodoxy) and be moved to Christian living (orthopraxy).  This is necessary, and Packer is write on in this. My hope is that Christians pick up this short book by one of the 20th and 21st Century’s foremost theologians, and pursue God in a renewed way. Go check this book out today.


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