Rhythms of Grace Review

Our worship matters. How we worship is important, and our view of worship is important in how we approach God through worship. In Rhythms of Grace, Mike Cosper considers the importance of worship and shows that it has great significance in all areas of our life. Not just on a Sunday morning. But all throughout our day each day. Cosper begins and ends with the gospel showing how worship must be rooted in all the elements of the gospel message. Cosper shows that, “worship isn’t something other, external, compartmentalized, or confined. It is life with God, lived unto God for his glory and our pleasure” (31). We do this whether gathered together in a service or as we are scattered throughout the week. We don’t want to focus only on one part of a week.

But how we worship matters immensely in how we gather as well. “How we gather shapes who we are and what we believe, both explicitly and implicitly” (94). We are not called to not be passive observers or participants in worship, but to be fully engaged and active. Cosper wonderfully relates worship to seeing it either as a concert hall or as a banquet hall. “If it’s a concert hall, we show up as passive observers and critics, eager to have the itches of our preferences and felt needs scratched. A banquet hall, by contrast, is a communal gathering. We come hungry and in community, ready to participate and share the experience with one another” (99). Whether we sing contemporary songs or a hymn with a band or with an organ we must do it in a communal manner looking upwardly as well as outwardly in our worship. We must be participants of worship and not passive listeners or watchers as Scripture unapologetically calls us to be participants. If you want a fantastic resource that will help you center your worship on God through the gospel while considering the importance of all areas of worship, absolutely check out  Rhythms of Grace.


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