Labor to Please Him in Everything You Do

People do not like to show others that they are in pain, hurting or are weak. In our pride-filled, constantly moving forward society, it is difficult for people to show any type of weakness as they will be labeled just that: weak. But is that so bad? Especially for those that are in Christ, is it wrong to show weakness? J.I. Packer in his brilliant, short book Weakness is the Way personally looks into the issue of weakness, or more so the issue of pride. Packer digs into the topic of weakness and through a Christ-focused lens walks through 2 Corinthians 12 to show how weakness is a biblical concept. As we live in a society that focuses on strength and remaining strong, Paul shows the importance of being weak in order to be strong in Christ. Nothing we do on our own is sufficient so we must pursue Christ in all we do. Packer says this perfectly by saying,

Labor to please him in everything you do. Let his love constrain, compel, command, comfort, and control you constantly, and, like Paul, stop regarding human approval as in any way important (51). 

This is beautiful. And this is true. Pursue Christ not others. This is a great reminder from J.I. Packer that we must focus on Christ as we are weak. Embrace our weakness to self in order to be strong in Christ. Do yourself a favor and go get Weakness is the Way.


One thought on “Labor to Please Him in Everything You Do

  1. Chris,
    Sounds like a great book. Jesus told Paul, “May grace is sufficient fo ryou, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” in 2 Cor 12:9.
    That wasn’t the answer Paul wanted but he understood. By God’s grace and mercy we are made strong in our weakness. God made us weak so that in our weakness his power is made perfect and his strength gives him the glory he deserves.
    I will join with you boasting of my weakness as a Christian so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

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