The Road to Adult Maturity

In every generation, there is a great need for younger generations to be mentored and guided by those ahead of them. I have read many books on this topic and have heard it from people around me that young adults are craving mentoring and discipling relationships with adults that are a generation or two ahead of them. In every generation and in every culture the road to adult maturity is paved with hard choices. The road to adult immaturity, on the other hand, offers an enticing alternative: the path of least resistance. Through our experiences in different areas, we have the ability to speak into other’s lives to help them mature and grow in specific areas of their lives in order to avoid this least resistant path. When was the last time you asked or thought, “What can I do in this generation to empower and equip young adults to reach their God-given potential for spiritual transformation?

Younger generations are thirsting for mentoring relationships and discipleship from the generation ahead and above of them. My whole point today is to encourage you. You might think that you don’t have anything to share with the generations behind or even ahead of you and I want to say that is baloney. All adults are seeking mentors and disciplers who can help them grow in all the areas of their lives, especially young adults because the territory they are entering is brand new to them.

  • If you have been married for 10 years to 50 years, you have something to share about marriage and how to love one another. I want the advice of the 75 year old that is still dating his wife like it is day one.

  • If you have gone through a loss in your life or some sort of tragedy, you have something to share with others about how to deal with grief and grow out of it.

  • If you have spent the last 30-40 plus years working, you have something to share about consistency, hard work and loyalty.

  • If you have followed Christ and have matured in your faith whether for the last 5 years or last 50 years, you have something to share with a generation that is searching for god in all the wrong reasons.

I am passionate about mentoring and discipling others and that we are all called by Christ to help others to mature whatever the age. I feel strongly about this not only because it is seen all throughout Scripture, but because I have felt the effects of mentoring and discipleship in my life.

It’s a privilege and an honor for us to share our lives with others so we can help them mature in Christ and as adults. Often times it is easy to find what is wrong with the generations behind us and to pick out continued patterns of what they are doing wrong. Instead of pointing out what is going on wrong, I want to challenge you to find how you could positively help this generation to improve on what they know. How could you positively affect young adults because of something that you have experienced in your life?


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