Thoughts While Reading Center Church

As I’m reading through Tim Keller’s Center ChurchI have found myself highlighting a great amount as this book has challenged, encouraged and equipped me in many ways. I wanted to share a few of the key quotes that have stood out to me as I work through this book.

Without realizing it, [churches] become method driven and program driven rather than theologically driven. They are contextualizing their ministry expression to themselves, not to the people they want to reach. If we never deliberately think through ways to rightly contextualize gospel ministry to a new culture, we will unconsciously be deeply contextualized to some other culture. (97)

Our criticism of the culture will have no power to persuade unless it is based on something that we can affirm in the beliefs and values of that culture. (124)

If the gospel of grace is true, why would we think that Christians are a better kind of person than non-Christians? These living examples of common grace may begin to show us that even though we intellectually understand the doctrine of justification by faith alone, functionally we continue to assume that salvation is by moral goodness and works. (168)


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