Who Cries During a Men’s Event? This Guy

This past Saturday morning Christ Community Church featured a men’s event at three of their four campuses that included a man’s breakfast (bacon, chorizo burritos, coffee) and interviews with three men at each campus that highlighted their life stories and how Christ has been prevalent throughout. Through their story, the Campus Pastor at each location got up at the end and shared the gospel with the men in attendance pointing them towards Christ, His cross and His resurrection. It was a powerful morning at each campus.


As I stood in the back of our St. Charles Campus surrounded by more than 1,000 men listening to the gospel be shared through our speaker, Lt. Col. Steve Russell and our Executive Pastor, Eric Rojas, I found myself brought to tears. After countless hours of working with the incredible team and volunteers here at Christ Community to put Fuel together, I was able to witness hundreds of men hear the power of the cross and the redemption that is found in Christ alone, possibly for the first time ever. It’s easy for us in evangelicalism to get caught up in the theorizing, strategizing and debating of which model or denomination or program or system or method, etc. is best but when it comes down to it all that matters is if the gospel is transforming lives and moving people to become more like Christ as disciples. I’ll cry any day at the sight of a group of people hearing the gospel and stepping out in faith.


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