Organizational Culture Matters

Organizational culture is a big deal. But it usually does not get the proper attention it deserves. An organization’s culture is directly connected to the organization’s mission and vision, and how this is cast to people inside and outside.  There is nothing better than seeing people within an organization that have bought into the mission and vision, and are living it out together. This is how a culture within an organization grows in a healthy way. People understand the mission/vision, live it and show it through their work.

Here is where many organizations go wrong. Many organizations either try to force a culture on it’s people or simply don’t put an emphasis on this and there isn’t a healthy organizational culture within. An organization that forces a culture on it’s people usually has not properly cast the mission and vision to their organization, and usually just assume that people know it. The problem is most times they do not. People will create their own culture out of the mission and vision that they also create as most important. The other side of a forced culture usually comes in the form of forced fun. Nothing is worse than forced fun in an organization to replace a properly cast mission and vision. Making people “have fun” is like being forced to watch the birthday boy open up all his presents at his party. The only people having fun are him and his mom.

I wanted to connect this to my last post that talked about the danger of striving after the idol of importance. As a leader, you will create the culture of your organization by how you lead and how you interact with people. Either you will create the culture of your organization or the culture will create itself, either by each individual or each department. What you value and share, your people will value and share. What you prioritize, your people will prioritize. How you act and treat others is how your people will act and treat others. You will create your organization’s culture simply by how you lead and interact. You must be aware of this as a leader, and be intentional about creating a culture within your organization. This comes out of casting your organization’s mission and vision constantly and continuously in everything you do. Organizational culture matters. Make sure you are intentional in creating it.


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